Where should we stay in Bermuda?
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My mom and I are planning a long weekend in Bermuda. We'd like to stay at a place with a kitchen so that we can do some cooking ourselves; my mom would prefer to be right on a (nice-for-walking) beach, if that's possible. Our budget is flexible, but we were thinking up to $200 a night. Can anyone recommend a cottage rental or something along those lines?

Neither of us have been to the island before.
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I don't have a specific house to recommend, but VRBO is usually a good place to find such things.

You might want to look into apartments, which seem to be plentiful, as well as house rentals. Neither of these sites is very informative but their listings give you a starting point for research. I've stayed at Longtail Cliffs, which had access to an adjacent private beach, and remember it being modest and comfortable—but that was a long time ago (in the early '80s!).
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I should probably mention first that I stayed there for 4 months or so in 1999, so any recommendation may be well out of date, but the Rosemont Guest Apartments were nice. A short walk from Front Street in Hamilton. Kitchen was decent and you could get a lot of fancy ingredients at the nearby Miles Market. It's not on a beach, but all the good beaches are only a short scooter ride from Hamilton.
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I live in Bermuda. When are you coming? You are going to be hard pressed to find a place with a kitchen for under $200 a night. Bermuda is very expensive. Drop me a mefi-mail and I can probably dig up some information for you on some guest houses that might be available. Also let me know what you are planning on doing as the location makes a big difference.
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