dupont thursday night!
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DC Filter: Fun things to do at Dupont Circle Thursday night (Oct. 28)?

I will be out with friends for a 21st birthday dinner this Thursday night. After dinner (around 9) we would like to stick around Thursday to have some fun.

We would be interested in clubs, (not expensive but good) music events, etc. Many people are likely to be or want to be intoxicated, but I am not a fan of bars unless there's something interesting about it (not just your standard alcohol + big tv screen + table and seats kinda bar)

We can venture out of Dupont to other DC areas too! [Must be metro-accessible]

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It sounds like Science Club would be right up your alley. If not, 18th Street Lounge could do the trick.

On the other hand, down at Gallery Place/Chinatown, there's Rocket Bar and Iron Horse, which both have all kinds of games/activities like skee-ball, pool, shuffleboard, and board games. (Rocket Bar is way bigger, but they're both obviously owned by the same people.)
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18th street lounge is great on Thursdays and would be my top choice. They don't always charge cover, esp if you aren't a swarm of dudes. Current is a bit more clubby and is decent on Thursdays. This Thursday, Calvin Harris is spinning at Lima (details: which is in walking distance (or a quick cab). If you want to go, you can get in for free before 10 or buy tickets (dont think they are more than 20 bucks). Thursdays at Lima are a bit collegy but the music makes up for it.

If you aren't into average bars, I'd avoid Rocket Bar and Iron Horse/ all Chinatown bars, although they do have ski ball and that stuff if you're into it.
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Russia House is always interesting. Not your standard bar. Be careful of the martinis there; they are no joke. Don't be intimidated by talk of the red velvet decor. They don't really judge there.
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Oh, and there's also Steve's Bar Room. An interesting place.
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Update: A big YES to any dancing establishments. Though we'll be dressed up, I think we want to stay away from places that charge expensive (>$15) cover and seem uh, snooty.
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go to Lima early.
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My vote is for 18th Street Lounge. They feature live Reggae every Thursday. The dance floor is always packed, the vibe is fun, and there's usually a good mix of people.

Fair warning: $5 or $10 cover after 9pm. Worth it in my opinion.

Easily my favorite Thursday night spot.
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