Avatar + LOTR + a hookah= video game?
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I don't know ANYTHING about video games, but is there one where you "explore" or are otherwise in a rich "forest-type" environment -- i'm thinking it would be something a bit psychedelic or trippy, where a players aren't required to kill things, but discover/explore "LOTR/Avatar-ish" worlds, with hidden surprises perhaps....
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So something like the Myst series?
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You want "Within a Deep Forest".
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Endless Forest (I haven't played it, and there may not be much to actually do.)
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Came here to say "Myst and its sequels".

Maybe Endless Ocean would scratch your itch? Not a forest, but the ocean. No real combat, just exploration including human ruins. Very trippy especially if you play "deep ocean" at night.
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Myst and/or Riven, which are both many yrs old and are played using CDs in your hard drive.

otherwise, online, there's second life, which is free to play and pretty interesting once you get into it. http://www.secondlife.com it's "more than a game" to lots of people but you can just mess around in there and play with it.

My user name is Omega Moo, you can put me down as your referral and I'll show you around in-game. :-) haven't played in a while but was thinking about it lately.
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The Hunter is very beautiful - free, too. It's technically a hunting game but there's no need to actually shoot anything if you don't wish to.
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The Path is exactly this. Wikipedia page. Lots of hidden surprises, things which may or may not interact with you, which may or may not still be there when you come back as a different character. Little flowers to pick, to no apparent end. The Depending on what you've done in the forest, grandma's house is more or less horror. Nothing to attack. In fact, you can only run or walk or pick the flowers. If it's possible to interact with an object, it will happen without your input.

It's more Time Burton than Avatar, but I love it. It's not for everyone--many people find it frustrating or dull--but it's very atmospheric.
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Oh, the wikipedia page on the Path has lots of spoilers. Slate review here; NPR review here.
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Love is rather psychedelic. You can explore and craft. In Minecraft, you can set the difficulty to peaceful, and explore around as well. I do this sometimes, the world generator creates some great sights. It too though, is focused around crafting, so if you find that enjoyable, I definitely recommend trying it out.
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Samorost. Definitely trippy, unusually engaging graphics, and fun - little surprises but no death/combat.
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Check out Katamari Damacy for the Playstation consoles.
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I can't believe I'm the first to mention Shadow of the Colossus. Lots of atmospheric, almost meditative exploration with lovely little discoveries, interspersed with intensely dramatic combat. Plenty of surprises as well.
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Oops. AREN'T required to kill things. I'll go away now.
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You can play Shadow of the Colossus without killing anything if you want to.
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Flower (PS3)—has a very immersive & beautiful world.

And I'd second neuron's Katamari Damacy (multiple platforms) suggestion—it's more on the "psychedelic or trippy" side of things rather than "LOTR/Avatar-ish," but fun nevertheless.
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My bad, goofed on the "Flower" link in my previous post.
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Okami isn't exactly what you're talking about, but I think you might enjoy it.
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There is And Yet It Moves (available on Steam) which has a very psychedelic forest stage.
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Seconding Endless Ocean if ocean exploration would work for you, but would specify the second game, Endless Ocean: Blue World. It's got several features that make it much more fun to play than the first game. I think of these games as being like a vacation in a box. There is a story, but you can do everything in the game at whatever pace you like, there are no permanent penalties for failure at anything, and the exploration's great fun.
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I would definitely recommend Mincraft, and especially multiplayer. The Mefightclub server has some pretty amazing things on it to discover. There's no killing yet (this will change on the 31st) and there is an infinite amount of forests and mountains and caves to explore and build anything you want in. If you're interested, memail me and I'll send you the server address so you can take a tour.
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Myst and Riven are available on Steam now... and for way less expensive than they were on CDs!
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Seconding Minecraft. Here's a fanmade trailer that does a pretty good job of showing what the game can offer. It's not like LOTR or Avatar, exactly, but there can be floating mountains and you go around exploring vast forests/oceans/caves/mountains/hell and building stuff. You can play on "peaceful" mode and the monsters will not attack. Even on non-peaceful modes, you can play for hours without running into a monster if you want.
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Look into Machinarium (by the guys who made Samorost). Fun point-and-click adventure game with a rich environment and cool music.
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Team Ico seems to be the font of metafilter-favored exploration-based gameplay. Perennial mefi-favorite Ico is one to check out, as well aforementioned Shadow of the Colossus. They also have a third game slated for release 2011, the Last Guardian. Looks like one to look forward to, with you puzzling your way out of some beautiful ruins, while trying to coax a huge and sometimes unwilling creature to come with. While, it looks like there may be some killing involved, it doesn't appear to be central to the gameplay, and presented in a more intriguing way than your usual stab-stab-stab, oh, look there's a river of blood way.
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Morrowwind is an RPG, but depending on the character choices you make, you can play the game without killing anything ever. You can play as an alchemist who spends all his/her time wandering the forests searching for ingredients, or as a thief who sneaks through dangerous situations and lives off proceeds of stolen goods. It is very open ended (much more so than its big brother, Oblivion), and pretty. I played it through a few times, treating it mainly as an exploration activity rather than a game with a goal or a kill-fest.
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Anything by Nifflas. Just exploration and beautifully atmospheric games. Knytt and Knytt Stories are some of the best games I've played.

The Endless Forest also sounds like something you'd like, it's all about exploring online a rich forest with no way to communicate with other players other than with animal sounds. Haven't tried it personally but apparently it's good.
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