Recommend Optician in Dallas
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Can someone recommend a reasonably priced optometrist/optician in the Dallas/DFW area?
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You may want to check out your local Wal-Mart. Some Wal-Marts have opticians and vision centers.

I was told by my optician last month (who confirmed what I already knew; I now need glasses), that COSTCO makes the best glasses in the area (followed by the Wal-Mart at the cross-section of Dallas Parkway and Park). Go figure ....

e-mail me if you want the coordinates of the doctor I went to for my check up (I liked the place. It was covered by my insurance. Not sure about the cost).
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Where are you?
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I'm in Coppell. I don't have insurance.
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I usually go to these guys, but my wife uses these folks in Oak Cliff, and she really likes them.

My advice is to get the optical exam at one of these places, then buy your glasses somewhere cheap online. You'll save a pile of money.
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