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I'm looking for a coach to help me with several things, but primarily to get me started with either Getting Things Done or some other time management system. I know I could do it myself, but I also know that I won't without outside help. Beyond that, if the person was also a business coach I could work with going forward, that would be great. A step further, if they're also a life coach, not required but all the better. My first choice would be someone in the NYC area who I could work with in person some of the time, but I'm also open to a phone-only situation. Thanks!
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What is it about outside help that makes the difference? Accountability?
I've read through GTD (twice) - if you need someone to track your weekly progress, you're welcome to use me as a listening post...
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Yes, accountability, but I think it's also finding someone who's enthusiastic about GTD (or another system), is excited about getting me into it and is a bit of a cheerleader. Finally, I think someone who will sit down with me (literally, telephonically or internetically) and just take me through the steps (Ok, make these categories. Here's a good way to set up Remember the Milk. Here's another piece of software that helps with this. Ok, go get a file and some folders. Etc.) would be hugely helpful. Basically, I want someone to give me instruction on how to do it and coach me on setting it up and making it work for me.
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Have you looked at the options David Allen offers for GTD coaching? He's got live seminars (pricey) and an internet coaching option. Haven't tried either of those myself, but I do find the CDs helpful and inspiring. They fill in some of the gaps in the books - and of course no one is more enthusiastic about GTD than David himself ... More here.
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This is a question I've had myself, so I wasn't going to reply. Actually, I was looking forward to reading what other people had to say, but it doesn't look like anyone has much to contribute. So, I will, but keep in mind that I'm in the same boat as you.

Maybe a good first step is to get more involved in the GTD user community:

- I could swear I had read about a GTD conference or summit a while back. Not sure if it was a one-time thing or a yearly event.

- Attend one of David Allen's public seminars

- Find software that works for you, and find user groups for it, perhaps on Facebook.

- Actually, there might be relevant communities on Facebook, right?

If you get to know other GTDers, they could direct you to a good coach, could tell you about useful resources (online or offline), or could be sources of support.

Good luck!
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By the way, when I said "it doesn't look like anyone has much to contribute", zanni's reply hadn't shown up yet. I second zanni's reply. Internet coaching sounds good. Did not know about that.
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Thanks Zanni. Just took a look at those options and sent them an email about individual coaching. Hopefully it won't be crazy expensive.
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