Best place to buy Nutcracker tickets?
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Where is the best place to purchase tickets for the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker this year (2010)? I'd like to find some decent seats for a family of 5 without breaking the bank.
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Could you advertise on Craigslist or something, or get with friends and family , and see if you can hook up with other families, and then do a group purchase? Group prices are significantly cheaper than buying at the box office. I've done this successfully before with friends of friends.
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You can get half-price seats ($46.50) in the mezzanine for some shows in advance from BosTix; they might also have some variety of sections and price ranges available at their booths in Copley Square and Faneuil Hall the day-of. There are a handful of discounts available, mostly 10% and not applicable to the cheapest seats, for some groups.
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