Want to create 3-D book image but with person in image!
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Software to create 3-d book cover image that is being held by a girl?

Hi! I saw a 3-d image of a book that is being held open by a cartoon girl - the book was open and being held her hands and the back/spine/cover was visible, as was her neck and torso. i find multiple freeware options to create 3-d book covers, but none with a person in the background - is there one that you know of? willing to pay but of course freeware would be awesome!
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Could you point us to the example? From your description it sounds like this is an Advanced Graphics Design Thing and not something that point-and-click free software wizard will do.
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You won't find anything that specifically comes with a book and a cartoon girl, etc. Your best bet might be to buy and learn something like Poser.
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Sorry: Poser.
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