Best online way to demo a print magazine
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Improving how a print magazine is viewed online in PDF format/format that keeps the integrity of the print version: 1) What's your favorite PDF viewer and 2) What's this example?

This is part of a larger project that reorganizes our print publication library, including back issues of our print magazine, online. We use a custom Content Management System.

The print magazine has online PDF and html formats on separate web pages. Currently, to read the PDF, you have to download it as a document and then open with your preferred viewer, like Adobe. The html version is very simple, mostly text and on one web page.

- I'd like suggestions on a PDF viewer/ format that integrates well with a website and that maintains the integrity of the print version
- We're keeping the html version for its plain-text and accessibility for sure
- Interactive PDF/viewing features a bonus: page turning, multiple pages at a time, etc
- Sending people to a 3rd party site that would host all of our publications may be too unwieldy for readers to navigate back to our website afterwards?

All suggestions welcome.

I also like this: YES! magazine uses this (click on the book). What is it/how do I communicate this to our CMS programmers?

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Yes magazine just has images of the pages, not PDF.
posted by empath at 10:29 AM on October 26, 2010

Take a look at Issuu. Very easy, works off the PDF you upload and can be embedded in your site, offers page turning and thumbnail views of other pages.
posted by nomadicink at 10:50 AM on October 26, 2010

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