Prepetually remembered motions.
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Help me identify a movie or tv show based on a half-remembered scene involving a bar patron ordering whiskey and water.

So I remember this one scene very clearly but can't remember what movie or TV show it's from. The patron goes to the bar and orders whiskey and water, then he stops the bartender and says: "Whiskey" holding up his hand (not sure if left or right) with his index finger and thumb about three inches apart "and water" moving them closer to a half inch apart.

Sadly Google gesture search hasn't been invented yet and I wish to know where this scene is from so I can at least credit correctly this in-joke between me and my friends (none of whom can recall where I saw it either). Double bonus points if you can find a video.
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Not sure, but sounds like it could easily be from the movie "Barfly."
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In Ocean's 11 (2001), Danny Ocean orders "Whiskey and whiskey" using similar hand movements (IIRC).
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Yes, it's Oceans 11. He's at a table with Julia Roberts, orders the drink, and then Andy Garcia shows up.
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I believe the movie Skin Deep, with John Ritter, has a similar example. It also has the great quote to the cocktail waitress, "Either make more trips or bring me a bigger glass."
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Yep, George Clooney as Danny Ocean. Here's someone asking what his order means.
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Response by poster: I don't think it's Ocean's Eleven. I remember it as "whiskey and water" and him explicitly calling the bartender back to clarify. I just rewatched that scene and he states his order as "whiskey and whiskey" right off the bat. The hand motion, however, is exactly what I'm talking about. So maybe I'm completely off.

I don't think I've ever seen Skin Deep, but I'm adding to my Netflix account to check.
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I don't think I've ever seen Skin Deep, but I'm adding to my Netflix account to check.

Well, umm ... about that ... it's not a very good movie, so I don't recommend wasting two hours on it. Just a few good lines and John Ritter doing some of his physical humor schtick.
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I know exactly the scene you're talking about and I have no idea where it's from either. Not super helpful, although I know I have never seen "Skin Deep" so I doubt it's from that. I'm picturing a world-weary type who had a bad day or knows he's going to have a bad night placing this order. Hmmmm... I'll start asking around because this is going to bug me more than those happy meal cats.
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Out of Sight? Also Clooney.
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I know this scene!! Give me some time, and I'll come up with it...
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Grrrr! I can picture the scene... Movie is 10-20 years old. I think it's a famous tough guy (Clint Eastwood? Robert DeNiro?) meeting someone at the bar.

After a brief search, I found reference to a site I can't access:
Supposedly, you can search for dialogue.
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I may have it.

Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Is that right?
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And here's the clip:

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Not so fast, Sutekh...
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Response by poster: Wow, this trope is apparently far more common than I thought. Sadly I haven't found the scene that plays in my head yet.

Bill Murray (somewhat appropriately) seems to play the trope completely backwards.

DiNiro's face seems strangely familiar, could be him, maybe Harvey Keitel? Any more ideas?
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I keep picturing this happening in The Sting, but can't place it better than that. Newman? Shaw?
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I'm pretty sure it's not The Sting.

Gah! This is killing me!! I'll have to check a backup source...
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Well... I've pinged my two biggest movie trivia friends, and they have nothing. One has never heard of the scene, the other thinks it sounds kind of familiar. I was so sure before, but now...

I thought earlier that the Ocean's Eleven scene was an homage to the one in question. But now I'm thinking maybe it's false memory.
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That Clooney one with the horses? Michael Clayton?

People mentioning Clooney makes me unable to get him out of my head :)

I have seen this, recently - the scene described - but can't recall who it was in what...

For some reason I don't think it was G.Clooney...
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Not that it will be a chore to rewatch it :)
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Well, here's George Clooney in Syriana saying "Whiskey. Whiskey.", but it's visually not what you're after.

I found it using the search engine in this FPP. Maybe you'll have more luck than me.
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