I love Wayne's Coffee. It's the commute that's killing me.
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I'm trying to purchase a coffee mug and/or travel mug from Sweden's Wayne's Coffee as a present, but living in Canada I'm running into some major roadblocks. Any advice on how to get one to my neck of the woods?

I've tried my usual sources - the Wayne's Coffee website is no help, nor is ebay or Tradera.com (which I believe is a good swedish auction site). However, I'm out of luck.

Now, I know they sell travel mugs in the store, but the actual big porcelain mug is my big hope. Might any locals know any resources which may help me get this amazing present? Thanks in advance!
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I'll mention it to my cousins in Oslo and see what it might cost to get a mug and mail it to the states (I presume??) so hold on an hour...
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Best answer: OK, my cousin Marius in Oslo can get it for you. Memail me and I'll pass on his e-mail to you.
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In case the above doesn't work, maybe these folks at The Finnish Place could help! (even if your plan does work, this is an awesome store that is worth exploring!)
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Best answer: blocket.se is basically the craigslist of sweden, and if you post a wanted ad (in English, even) you might get some helpful responses.
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OMG, I would love one of those.
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Best answer: Mefi-mail me. I am in Stockholm and would be happy to put one in the post for you.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for all your help and ideas. I appreciate all the offers of assistance, especially from parmanparman, whose Norwegian cousin has graciously put some mugs in the mail. Yay!
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