X-Mini-level light
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Is there a portable light that is as useful as the x-mini speaker?

The X-Mini Speaker is cheap; it's tiny; it's surprisingly powerful; it has a built-in cable; it works either plugged in to USB or via a built-in rechargeable battery. That's awesome bang for the buck.

Now I'm looking for the same thing in a portable lamp, for reading books and my Kindle. In my dreams, it would be hybrid (Battery and USB? Battery and wall plug?), use rechargeable batteries, be flexible, portable, and just plain awesome.

Is there such a thing?
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I find that searching Google Images is a quick way to find things like this.
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More without "clip-on".
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Best answer: This looks like a plausible one... Small, USB-charging torch. Only problem is it might be a bit bright and focused for reading.
There's even a version with built-in memory stick but I can't find it on Ebay...
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Response by poster: Impulse bought. Thanks, Morbuto. Thanks to wgp, too, for the useful suggestion.
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