Why Can't I Haz Cheezburger?
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Why can't I haz cheezburger? (Why can't I access the Cheezburger sites from my computer anymore?)

I'm on OS X Snow Leopard with Firefox 3.6.11, and nothing in my setup or configuration has changed since I started having this problem a week or two ago.

Basically, I can't get on any of the Cheezburger sites (ICHC, Failblog, There I Fixed It, GraphJam, etc). Upon clicking one of my bookmarks, the background of the site will load, but that's usually all I see. Occasionally after 5-10 minutes one or two pictures will come up, but overall the sites are basically unusable. I have checked with other friends and they have no problems with the sites, so I believe it must be something on my end.

Things I have tried:
-Restarted router
-Cleared cache/cookies/DNS cache
-Changed DNS from Google DNS (where it has always been) to OpenDNS and then back again when OpenDNS showed no improvement
-Curled up in a fetal position in the corner and cried because 50% of my daily internet browsing is now impossible

Please hope me, MeFi!
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Have you tried connecting your machine to someone else's internet? And do other computers hooked to your router display the same issue?

Also, try creating a new user - I like to call them "test user" and use the same password as my normal account - and see if you can get to these sites from that account; this will help figure out if it's something specifcally weird with your account.
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Do you have any Firefox add-ons installed? If so, try disabling them. Firefox's Safe Mode is an easy way to do this.

Also, try opening the sites with Safari, which will help to pinpoint whether your computer or your browser is an issue here. Knowing the answer to this question would very much help us help you.

You might also want to try this with a new Firefox profile if it works in Safari but you can't get it to work in Firefox. If that fixes it, you can copy your bookmarks and history over to your new profile by following these instructions.
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I had a similar problem at my house. The solution goes like this:

1. Run a traceroute to see where the problem is coming from.

2. It's your Linksys router. Hard reset it.

3. If this doesn't work get rid of the router entirely.
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I had a similar problem and used it as an excuse to buy a new router. I had been wanting one anyway. It works like a charm now.

Apparently my older router wasn't playing nicely with domain name resolution. Something upstream had changed and my poor little router couldn't deal any more. I'd get a lot of browser stalls when looking up hosts and it was the worst with Cheezeburger sites. Changing DNS settings on the router of the Mac had no effect.
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Did you try Safari? Chrome? Opera? Firefox is not aging gracefully.
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