High School transcripts from an out-of-business private school?
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How do you go about requesting high school transcripts from a private school that no longer exists?

My boyfriend is looking to enroll in community college in spring to get started on his gen eds for nursing school. We've done the application and the FAFSA, but upon fishing to get a copy of his transcripts, we found that the school he recieved his HS diploma from no longer exists. We contacted the county office (Broward County, Florida) and they politely explained that they only have access to public school info. All contact info for the now defunct school (Academy Senior High, Davie) leads to nowhere.

He did a few years in the military right after graduation (this was around a decade ago) but was administratively discharged before the end of his stint. Would it be adviseable to contact the military for his records? Would they perhaps have any official details concerning his high school record?

He's left messages for family members but has yet to hear back. Is it possible that a copy of his old diploma is worth begging his folks to dig for? Does a diploma (as oppposed to transcripts) even matter when it comes to college applications? As a final detail, he's looking to enroll in a City College of Chicago. He's also banking on some amount of federal financial aid.

Any thoughts? Any one had any experience with Academy Senior High since it closed?
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Contact the admissions department of the college in question.
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You could try the Board Of Education in Broward County or for the state of Florida.
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Was this high school affiliated with some larger organization? My mother went to a now-defunct private high school that was affiliated with an order of nuns. The order of nuns still exists, and they have the records.
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Try contacting the National Private Schools Association or the Florida Council of Private Schools.
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I'm with Electrius. This is not the first time a community college will have had this issue come up and I'm sure the admissions office can tell you what's required and suggest ways to deal with this if there's any problem.
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Also I'd contact a community college in or around Davie; they have a higher proportion of students with this same problem and may know if there is a record keeper still in existence. Usually when a school closes up like this the records are transfered to another facility.
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I had the same situation happen to me. Though I was in Ohio, I was told that the local public school (in the same district as my private school) would be taking over the care of our records. A few years ago I went to the local public school and they gave me copies of what I was looking for. I don't know if they were legally required to take care of our records, but your local public school might be a good place to start.
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