Name that Jazz Funeral Song!
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Looking for a particular jazz funeral song...

This is a long shot, but I've seen it work on here in the past so I'm turning to the brilliant musical minds here to try to figure out the piece I'm looking for. All I have to go on is this:

Doooooo doo doo Doooooo doo doo Dooooo doo doo doooooooo
and then it changes key, goes higher, same phrasing and then back to the original key. Over and over and over again.

What is it?!
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Wow, not much to go on there, only thing I can offer is this.

Homicide: Life on the Streets. Episode is called Crosetti. Last scene is Crosetti's funeral, and coming out of the church, and walking the point behind the casket is a sax player wailing something pretty mournful. Really nice piece of TV.

I cant find it in the YouTubiverse, but maybe you could Hulu it or something. i have the box set, but it doesnt credit the song.

Even if it isnt what you are thinking of, might be worthy on its own.
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Any chance you're thinking of any of the songs played by Lisa in the Simpsons episode where Bleeding Gums Murphy dies?
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What era? When/where did you hear it? You're sure it wasn't a sample remix?
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A sample remix?
It's probably THE standard for jazz funerals. Classic dixieland.
I just don't know what it's called and googling for jazz funeral music has strangely turned up nothing.

It is in a minor key, if that helps at all.
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Just a Closer Walk With Thee is often associated with jazz funerals.
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Maybe you have a mic? Could you hum or whistle it for us and record it?
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Eileen Southern in The Music of Black American wrote, "On the way to the cemetery it was customary to play very slowly and mournfully a dirge, or an 'old Negro spiritual' such as 'Nearer My God to Thee,' but on the return from the cemetery, the band would strike up a rousing, 'When the Saints Go Marching In,' or a ragtime song such as 'Didn't He Ramble.'
From: the Official New Orleans Tourism Web Site

So could it be a spiritual? If so, that may give you more to work from.

Also, google around for Dirty Dozen Brass Band or the Rebirth Brass Band, or various other brass bands.

There's also this: Just a Closer Walk With Thee
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I haven't found your tune, but in googling for it I found this youtube clip of the awesomest buskers ever. There's a tube for shit's sake.
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TubA i mean't to say. Tuba.
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Is it The House of the Rising Sun? It's only sort of jazzy and not really funeral-y, but that's the tune I hummed to your slightly nonstandard notation.
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"New Second Line"?

I remember it because it's the second half of the "jazz funeral" music in the movie Live and Let Die. First they play "Closer Walk With Thee," which is slow, then they break out into what I guess is called "New Second Line."
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Could this be what you are thinking of? It's the version of "New Orleans Function" as recorded by Louis Armstrong and his all stars in the 40ties! The first part is "Flee As A Bird" followed by "Didn't He Ramble".
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None of those. Less dirge-y more upbeat send-off.
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You mean this, right?
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I think dash has it-or at least that's the song I think of.
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How about "I Remember Clifford" (written by Benny Golson in memory of trumpeter Clifford Brown, who died at age 25 in a car accident)?

Here's Lee Morgan, Benny Golson, and Art Blakey [SLYT].
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Not Moonlight Serenade, by Glen Miller?
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None of the above.
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After doo dooing your rhythm, I was reminded of 'Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans'. It's worth a shot anyway...
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"Flee As A Bird" followed by "Didn't He Ramble" is THE standard for Dixieland/New Orleans jazz funerals. If it's not that or "Just a Closer Walk With Thee," it's not very standard. Can you remember in what circumstances you heard it?
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By chance, I have St James Infirmary well and truly stuck in my head today, and it swings with your doot dooing above.

Is it what you are thinking of?

yt Dixieland Crackerjacks. Sweet. Trumpet, sousaphone, sax, drums, and banjo. Plus, they're ALIVE and you can book them for your next mournful occasion.

yt Louis Armstrong. Aw yeah. NOW we're getting sad.

yt Lou Rawls. He sounds the most mournful to me today.

yt Cab Calloway. (with seasonal bonus: awesome dead Betty Boop cartoon)

yt Jack Teagarden. Band's too big to march you up the avenue, but man.
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