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I'm going to a wedding in the Caribbean where the invitation specifies dressy tropical as the form of dress. What do I wear?

I'm a six foot tall guy and quite large - shop at big & tall stores large - so general suggestions are probably more welcome than links to specific outfits unless they are available in extra-large sizes.

I was thinking a light grey suit with a white shirt and no tie, and some sort of casualish brown shoes.

Cost is largely irrelevant, particularly if the outfit is something I could wear other times as well (I live in NY, wear suits to work every day).

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If the wedding is outside, on the beach, or during the day, I think dressy tropical probably means white linen shirt and nice khaki or linen pants, plus nice-ish sandals.

If it's inside or at night, then maybe the suit.
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6'5", 240 pounds here. I'd wear a nice guayabera, linen pants, and new Birkenstocks. Or maybe one of those silk two-toned bowling shirts. Definitely not a suit--that's not dressy tropical.
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can you ask what the groom is wearing? If he is not wearing a suit, i would definetly go the linen shirt/linen pant combo with no jacket. If he is wearing a suit or tux, you might want to go with your idea. IF it is on the beach in the middle of the day, avoid the jacket if you can.

Dressy tropical mostly means to me "don't wear shorts or flip flops!"
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Just going to say that long sleeves might help you prevent sunburn if it's a beach wedding and you'll be out in the sun for hours.
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Best answer: To me, dressy tropical for a guy would be something like these guys.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - I think you're right, something a little more low key than a suit is probably the way to go. I don't know if the wedding is outside or not (invitation is at home), I think it is, though I know the reception is indoors.

The groom is not wearing a tux, I know I remember talking to him about that, but I think he is wearing some form of a coat/jacket - though not a formal suit. I tend to the more formal, though, so that's probably why I was thinking a suit. Thanks very much for the advice so far.
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People who give cryptic instructions like that deserve all they get. I say a South American dictator suit and a linen shirt. And a Panama hat.
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Yeah, slide, I was actually going to add that I'm definitely on the less-formal side of things. But MsMolly's link is exactly what I was thinking.
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I'd vote for a guayabera - a long sleeved one would be really nice, but it the wedding is outdoors and you think it might be too warm for you, a short-sleeved one would be great too. Long sleeved ones just always look very elegant to me, but in a more low-key way than a suit. I think a well-made panama hat would be awesome as well. I personally wouldn't go the linen pants route, just because in my part of the Caribbean guys don't really wear those and it makes me think more of tourists than anything else. A nice pair of beige slacks would be my suggestion (not Dockers - nicely tailored, loose slacks). Same thing for sandals - it's not something that men in my area would wear in order to be dressy. I'd think of something more like this. But again, if it's right on the beach or something, and you don't want to roast, you could go the sandal route. I'd just try not to wear something with open toes.
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I had an evening wedding at a resort in the Caribbean. My groom wore a khaki linen suit with a short sleeve white linen shirt underneath, no tie. Most of the male guests wore pants (some linen) and some sort of short-sleeve button down. Keep in mind it's going to be really, really hot, so dress accordingly.
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Response by poster: Was a great wedding! I definitely would have been WAY over-dressed in a suit. I went with khaki pants (dockers, I know, the horror) and a white cotton button-down short-sleeve shirt. Thanks for all of the advice.
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