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Has anybody got a Microsoft Word for Mac greeting card template for A4? I want to print two a5 cards on a piece of a4, guillotine that, and then fold those into a6 cards.
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Response by poster: nb: to clarify, a link to a free one online somewhere is what I want :)
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I might be misunderstanding, but templates are just tables. Open a new A4 document, drop the document margins to zero, then insert a 2-by-2 table-- if the page is divided into four equal quadrants, the cell sizes are each A6. Just make sure that the cell margins (at least the ones that lie along the edge of the A4 sheet) are equal to or greater than the minimum page margin for your printer.

Or are you looking for something that is a pre-designed greeting card in that size? If so, you're probably better off making your own-- freely-available greeting card templates tend to be pretty bad.
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Best answer: Heres a simple xmas card in A4 and letter They should work on Mac or Windows Word.
I set these up with double guide lines giving a bleed area so you can add graphics that go right to the edge of each card.

By using lines instead of a table you can go right off the printable area without getting the dreaded 'margin error' popup when you go to print. Just move the outside lines to suit the printable area of your printer.

If you want to print a message inside the card, turn the paper over (left to right) and print on the reverse side using the same template.
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