Help my computer remember program locations with dual-monitor setup.
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Dual-monitor setup and saving preference settings?

My laptop at work recently bricked (boo!) but it lead to getting a new dual-monitor setup (yay!). I'm using my laptop screen for Lotus Notes and my external monitor for all other programs (Firefox, Excel, Acrobat, etc).

My preference is to have all non-Lotus Notes programs open up on the external monitor (and hopefully with their window maximized). I can't find a way to do this and constantly have to resize those programs that open on the monitor screen, drag to the external monitor and then maximize them.

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There was a program called ZMover that I used in the past to do this. There might be some free alternatives out there as well.
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Windowpad, an extension for Autohotkey, is how I solved this problem.

Customizable hot-keys instantaneously send a window to a particular pre-set place on your monitor. They can be triggered automatically whenever a particular application opens. (Will require a little light coding to get the exact set-up you want.)
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Best answer: If you're using Windows 7, it implements a subset of the Windowpad hotkeys to quickly move and resize windows on separate monitors:

GeekNewb: Get to Know These Windows 7 Hotkeys
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