Baby + Ugly Suit = Costume Nirvana?
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I have a Halloween costume question... Sorry! How do we make the most of a 9 month old baby wearing an ugly suit for Halloween?

Just before my son was born, I found this ugly suit at Goodwill - so I bought it. You can't just leave a find like that behind. I hoped that it would fit in time for someone's wedding (ok, we wouldn't do that), but we lucked out and it fits in time for Halloween instead!

My husband and I need ideas for a group costume. We are going to a kid-friendly party and want to do something fun. Our son is 9 months old and so will be in arms most of the evening. How can we make the most of the ugly suit? What should my husband and I dress as?

(before I found that the ugly suit fits the baby, the husband and I were going to go as a tree and the sky (respectively) and dress the baby in a bird costume. The ugly suit is so much better than a bird costume!)

Bonus points for cheap/free ideas.
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He should be your ventriloquist doll. You're going to be carrying him anyway. Maybe your husband carries him as his doll and you're his assistant? Not sure what to do with you.
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By all means, put the baby in the suit!! That's what babies are for: props and cheap laughs.
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I guess I'm specifically talking about Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy but you'll need a monocle for the baby!
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Add a furry tail and ears and he's a monkey, and you both can be an organ grinder and the organ.
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(his accessory is, of course, a tin can with pennies in it - the pennies will be inaccessible to him but loud when the can is shaken)
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If the baby is the ventriloquist doll, your husband should wear a brown pinstriped vest with a white shirt and armbands, you know, like they did for Vaudeville back in the day, and you should get a beige flapper costume. :) So cute. Just do a test run with the suit to make sure your babe isn't allergic to any of the fabric.
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Best answer: Gomez, Morticia, and Pugsley Addams?
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Best answer: I think you need to put a mustache on that baby, with the ugly suit of course, and possibly some glasses like these- basically make him look like a math teacher from 1973. You and your husband could either dress to match, or be cool 70s people, or pretend to be the kids in an awkward family photo.
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How about Rocky and Mugsy? I coulda sworn there was a similar Batman villain, but I can't find him.
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That suit + fedora + very small Tommy gun = Prohibition gangster.
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The baby is the prohibition-era gangster and you and your husband are G-men arresting him?
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Thirding the ventriloquist idea, maybe draw some lines going down his chin and put some red spots over his dimples (be very careful that the makeup is non agitating and is safe for him first obviously).

Also if you can find a little top hat for him...
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! Such good ideas! I had a good laugh thinking about how to execute all of them.
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