Find me a youth musical theater group in NY
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I want to be involved in some sort of theater company, but my high school's theater program is less than enviable. Is there any youth musical theater group in New York I would be interested in?

I am a 16 yo NY high school student, and I don't go to Murrow or LaGuardia, which means that if I want to do any thespian productions I have to look elsewhere to find the means to do so. And I can't find anywhere to do musicals and plays (though there are some cool youth chorus' out there). Can you help me find something?
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My young friend, there are SO MANY youth theater program in New York.

Or you could try the TDF Youth theater project.

Or TADA. where you could take musical theater classes.

Or get involved with the CUNY youth ensemble.

Do you live near the Hell Kitchen area? because you could get involved with the 52nd Street Project.

And most major non-profit theaters in NYC also have their own after-school youth programs. So if you have a favorite theater in NYC, go and check out their education departments. Like this one at the Roundabout.

Have fun!
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