How do I get rid of this pesky corn?
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How do I get rid of this pesky corn?

Over the last few months I've had a corn pop up on my left pinky toe (not sure where it came from as I don't wear heels, or tight/pointy shoes).
It's gotten to the point now where even if I graze that foot along something (like a road curb when crossing the road) it sends horrible waves of pain through my foot, so I just want it gone. I've tried the soaking my foot and rubbing it with a pumice stone, but the 'core' of the corn is still hard so it hurts, and I can never really rub it 'away'.

I'm so sick of going through countless band-aids each week just to make this darn thing comfortable, and before I go and spend money on a doctor or pharmacy treatments I was just wondering if anyone had some home treatments or advice on how they got rid of corns?

Thanks in advance!
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Corn plasters. They are cheap, available from any pharmacy, and worked wonders for me. (I went through two packets, over about a two week period, and then it was gone.)
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Yes, the Dr. Scholl's plasters really work.
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I used to get these, it is from your foot sweating and your toes rubbing together. IANAD or giving medical advice, this is what worked for me.

Sterilize a needle and dig out the core. This will be painful, but not as painful as bumping the corn. The core will be about a quarter size of a green pea. How can something so small hurt so much! There will be no blood, all you are picking out is dead skin. The relief is instantaneous.
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I advocate the plaster idea - worked for a tiny corn I had on the side of my little toe.

I would be careful using a sterilized needle to dig out the core. While it might work, you run the risk of an infection.
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Many years ago I had corns. I dug out the core with cuticle nippers. Didn't get an infection and the corns went away. I had three, one on each little toe and one in-between toes. You do run the risk of an infection though, but it never stopped me. Corns are darn annoying things.
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