Chicago cardiologist recommendations?
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Any recommendations for a cardiologist in Chicago?

I asked an earlier version of this question recently and 'got no responses so I decided to pare it down to the essentials.

Can anyone recommend a cardiologist in Chicago, preferably one who is well versed in dealing with damaged hearts?

Thanks very much.
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If no one here can help, perhaps you could check a site like Valve Replacement -- even if your problem is not valve related, someone might be able to help you. It's a very kind place! Plus, I know I've seen posts about/questions relating to Chicago.
Best of luck.
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My cardiologist is Perla Benrubi, at St. Joseph's. I don't know how to judge cardiologists, and I've never seen another one - but I truly appreciated her no-nonsense style and her sense of humor in what was, to me, quite literally a life-threatening situation. It's worth noting that I went to her on a specific referral from my GP, whom I trust utterly. Anyway, there you go.
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