Airline industry resources for MBA candidate
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Resources for an MBA candidate interested in airline industry?

Hello everyone,

First time poster here... I just recently started my MBA and have been most intrigued by the airline industry. Does anyone know of/have any resources related to industry terms, websites/blogs, cases (to prepare for interviews), and/or books that they recommend?

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You'd probably want to get familiar with the IATA first and foremost.
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William Swelbar's blog is excellent. He is a researcher at MIT focused on the airline industry -- MIT has a specific research program, the Global Airline Industry Program focused on the industry.
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Also, although dated, Thomas Petzinger Jr's Hard Landing is a very readable summary of how deregulation impacted the airlines through the 1980s and 1990s.
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Go to your career office. They love to help people pursuing specific industry careers, given that the majority of students tend to focused upon specific professions instead (finance, accounting, marketing, consulting). They can educate about the process -- which airlines recruit MBAs on campus, which take resumes but don't come on campus, and, most importantly, which airlines have summer MBA internships.
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I cannot really help with the resources, however I can tell you that both American Airlines and USAirways recruited on campus from my MBA program, so hopefully that's encouraging to you!
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Thanks for all the info everyone, I'll pursue each of these avenues!
posted by HoyaSaxa at 5:40 AM on October 29, 2010

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