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has anyone driven hwy 1 to key west from Miami? any suggestions on where to stop along the way?
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Yes! Except, it's past my bedtime, but I'll give you some answers tomorrow.

Pro-tip: pay the $1 toll to take card sound road.

Eat at Squid Row in (I think) islamorada.

Obey all posted speed limits, especially where it's 45 mph.
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Yes! But I didn't really like the way I did it, in kind of a rush. Allow yourselves plenty of time. And bring the camera.
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Bahia Honda is quite pretty and has a little beach. Key West doesn't really have much in the way of beaches.
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Feed the tarpons at Robbie's. (At minimum, watch others feed them.)

See Betsy, contender for World's Largest Lobster, and the art co-op behind her.

Eat at Made 2 Order Cafe if your schedule permits. It's really good!

Go to the Coral Castle.
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I was disappointed, but maybe we should have stopped along the way. There are some profoundly beautiful views for stretches, but there are also some long stretches where you might as well be on your way to Plant City- if you can't see the water, it's just more Florida road. Fire station, Arby's, mattress store, bar, Taco Bell, lawn & garden store, public school, warehouse, church, McDonald's, etc., seemed to cover about 2/3 of the drive for me, but it was definitely a very A -> B drive.
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stuffed pig in marathon
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As mentioned above, take Card Sound Road. Really. Just do it.
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Seconding the Stuffed Pig.
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Seconding Bahia Honda. And any water-front restaurant in Marathon.
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Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key
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