DIY liquid tooth soap
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Please help me make liquid tooth soap! I only know of two available - Perfect Prescription, which would cost ±$50 per bottle to order from Australia, and one on etsy but the seller won't answer my emails asking if she'll ship to Oz.

So I want to make my own but can't find any info on the net about whether the retained glycerin in Dr Bronner's Castile liquid soap will prevent the tooth soap do its job, or is it only added glycerin that you don't want.

Just wondering if the hive can help me work this out, cos I'm very confused. Has anyone successfully made their own liquid tooth soap? (I don't want solid soap)

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This seller on Etsy ships everywhere.
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What are your exact requirements? That it be liquid, soap, liquid soap or free of some other additive?
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Response by poster: My requirements are that it be liquid soap but without glycerin. Apparently it's the glycerin that stops your teeth from re-enamelling themselves, but I don't know if the 'retained glycerin' (naturally occuring in soap production apparently) in Dr Bronners is ok, since it's the 'added' glycerin that causes the problem, or if you need 100% glycerin free soap.

iconomy, unfortunately that etsy seller only sells solid tooth soap.
posted by Zaire at 12:35 AM on October 24, 2010 ships internationally, but I think you need to contact them about shipping charges before placing the order.

Also, the third set of instructions here might interest you as well as someones comment below that

and... an article and comments (debate?)about tooth soap and glycerin
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Have you heard about For a 5% commission fee, their USA agent buys whatever you can't get here in Oz, and mails it to you.
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