Afternoon Brunch in Toronto?
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Anyone know a nice, calm, TTC-accessible Toronto brunch spot with afternoon hours (and possibly mimosas), preferably near-ish to Dufferin and St. Clair?

I'm looking for a brunch place in Toronto tomorrow for three people. Eventual destination is near Dufferin and St. Clair, so something in that area would be nice, but it's more important that it be accessible by TTC. Mimosa availability is a plus, as are reasonable prices; nothing too fancy. We'd probably be doing this in the early afternoon, so places with longer brunch hours would be great, especially if they're places that aren't jam-packed if you're not in line by 10am. I did a search of Chowhound but got overwhelmed. Thanks, MetaFilter!
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I'm not familiar with brunching in that neighbourhood, but other websites to check out would be torontist, or Now Magazine, or Toronto Life, or BlogTo, or dineTo, or urbanspoon.
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The Rushton is a bistro style place close by and has a nice room/atmosphere. The food is respectable but not outstanding. It's likely to be busy but not jam packed.

If you'd like to try something a bit different, The Stockyards Smokehouse has great home made smoke-meat hash and poached eggs that are flash fried in the deep fryer. It's crowded, you eat at counters but it's delish.
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Boom Breakfast & Co is four blocks east of Dufferin, on the north side, you can't miss the bright blue and yellow. It's casual, open until 3 or 4, and has some pretty nice dishes. I know that early brunch tends to be crowded, but early afternoon might be better.
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De Soto's, maybe? I haven't been, but I've walked past it on Sundays, and though it's busy, it doesn't look insane. Despite being a casual kind of place, they had a jazz group playing on the patio when I went by (it was summer though, not sure about now) and they have mimosas according to their website. I think brunch is 'til 2. They're on St. Clair West, just a few blocks east of Dufferin.
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Oh, and Boom is open 'til 4, but from what I've seen they're still pretty busy at 1 or 2. And it's more of a diner-ish feel than a relaxed one, IMO. Regardless, people do seem to like it a lot.
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Oh my god, stockyards is so good.
might not be licenced, though, so no mimosas...but their homemade lemonade is delish.
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Walkable from there and with great mimosas: Universal Grill at Dupont and Shaw. 63 Ossington runs often. I kinda miss living across the street.
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3rding Stockyards. It's greasy as hell and very busy on Sundays, but worth a go.

Also nearby is Noir Coffee and Tea... but I doubt it serves mimosas.
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The Law of Toronto: eat brunch downtown on Sunday and you are on your feet.
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Bloordale Pantry at Bloor and Lansdowne.
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Seconding Bloordale Pantry. The holy oak cafe, also nearby on bloor, also has a nice brunch.
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