how to mark the star I'm going to shave on my head?
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hairdressers/surgeons/creative others: I'm going to shave a shape on my head. What can I use to mark the borders of the shape on my hair/scalp to guide me?

(I'm not nearly as bold as this might sound. I'm trying to creatively fix a hair cutting mishap...)
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Is your hair short and light enough to see through? If it is you could just use black eyeliner.
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I have dark brown hair. I actually have a white makeup pencil around I tried, and it doesn't provide much of a guide on my hair.
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oh, and black would be totally lost on my hair.
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Okay, one more try: When I'm plucking my eyebrows I use Vaseline to smooth down the area I want to keep and the rest sticks up ready to be plucked. Could you do something similar, maybe using hair gel? Draw a part with a comb and then slick the hair in different directions.
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I'm wondering if you could just get something like cardboard or card stock and draw a shape on it and cut it out, then cover that with hair gel. Press against your head and just cut the area with the hair gel on it?

Or gel down all the hair around the shape and then cut the hair that is NOT gelled?
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My friend uses masking tape.
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A stencil. Like, a sturdy plastic one from an art supply store. Hold it on top of the area, then take your (I assume electric?) shaver and stab it down at the margins of the shape. Once you've shaved an outline for yourself, you can shave the inside of the shape.

I have no personal experience with them (no, really, I've just seen them on TV), but this what comes in the novelty kits to shave shapes into your pubic hair.
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Coat a piece of string in some loose chalk or talcum powder, hold it taut, and wrap it partially around your head five times to make snap lines in the shape of a pentagram.
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You'll need one of these.
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Make the stencil like others have suggested, hold it against your head and spray white hair color over it. That should give you a clear shape long enough to shave.
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thanks for all the suggestions! (I'm starting to chicken out, so I might not be able to gather enough experience to mark answers.)
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