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Wind up watch?

I am looking for a new watch that one winds. Can anyone suggest where I can buy one online? I have a kinetic watch and a solar watch, so I am not looking for one of those.
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Poor Man's Watch Forum, their shop is great and very reliable.
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The Vermont Country Store has one for men and for women.
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The terms you should search for are "mechanical" (as opposed to "automatic", which are mechanical watches with a rotor that winds the watch movement), "hand-wound", "hand-winding", or "manual winding" watches. These are more common for luxury watches in which the complexity and obscurity of the watch movement is a selling factor. To add more confusion, many automatic movements can also be wound by hand.

They are available at all price levels and from a large variety of manufacturers so I can't really be more specific.
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Search for "skeleton watch" on ebay. Not only will it be wind-up, but the beauty of the mechanism will be on display.
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What is your budget? How much can you spend?
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By the way if you are into watch porn the NY Times has a special advertising section in this Sunday's paper that is rather obscene. Several of the watches are of the hand wound variety, including the A. Lange & Söhne "1815 Moonphases," a limited edition of 265 with no price given.
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I love old watches, but I am poor. No more than $100. I actually prefer a new watch, since I want to wear this watch. I hate the way batteries run down, it seems like a waste since I rarely wear a watch. I know I can "turn the watch off." I just like the idea of winding a watch, it seems simple and practical.
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I bought a beautiful early 60s-era Bulova watch on eBay for about $20. It's gold and winds up. There are gazillions to choose from on there.
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