Sausage Saturday night?
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Another "can I eat this" question. This time: pork sausage.

I put it in the fridge to thaw either last night or the night before, I don't remember. It had been frozen for about three months. If I use it tomorrow night for a stew (cooking it before putting it in the stew pot), should it be okay or do I need to cook it tonight?
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Is it actually thawed yet? If it's a significant amount of sausage and you only put it in the fridge last night it's quite possibly still frozen inside, assuming your fridge is kept appropriately cold. If you put it in the night before then it's probably thawed but only recently.

Either way it's probably fine, just make sure you cook it thoroughly before putting it in the stew and ensuring that everything in the stew comes up to a boil.

NB: I'm assuming the sausage was made under safe, sanitary conditions, whether homemade or commercial.
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It's from Whole Foods and still in the package that it came in.
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Oh, one other thought. Was it frozen promptly after buying it or did it languish in the fridge for a while first?
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It was frozen right after buying. I knew I'd be a slacker about using it.
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Still Tasty says 1-2 days in the fridge is fine. I'm willing to bet longer will be fine, depending on a couple of factors:

If the sausage is in link form, it will do better.
If the sausage is sealed, such as a Jimmy Dean type packaging, it will do a lot better.
If it is bulk sausage that isn't well sealed, well, I'd guess 50/50.

Check the smell as pork sausage will be easy to tell if it is bad by a rancid smell due to the fat content of sausage. Cook thoroughly. And if you really aren't sure, throw it out. I'd be willing to lose a couple pounds of sausage to not go through food poisoning.
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It's fine.
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Totally fine. Worst case, you are looking at three days in the fridge, part of that time frozen. I would not hesitate to eat sausage in the fridge for five or more days, as long as it smelled and looked OK.
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Yay! Then Saturday Stew, it is! Thanks! (if I die, we know what happened...)
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casting another vote for SAFE. enjoy.
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Yeah, I'm sure it's fine. It just may not taste quite as awesome a when you bought it.
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awesome a -> awesome as. Doh.
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Another vote for totally fine. I do this all the time. I'm not dead yet.
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