Squash the Squash?
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I roasted some butternut squash about a week ago, but haven't yet used it. It's been in the refrigerator the whole time. Think it's safe to eat? How long might it last before it goes bad?
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Why not look at it and/or smell it and see? If it has gone off, you will know. Trust me.
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Squash isn't the type of thing that goes unnoticeably bad. If it is bad, it's usually because there's some sort of whitish mold on it; sometimes it tastes sort of off after a while but you can still eat it. It might be a little hard but just stick it in the oven for a little bit.
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I would bin this on principle after a week. I suspect it would have started to ferment. Sometimes you can taste the fizziness in foods that aren't supposed to be fizzy.
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This sounds like a job for stilltasty.com!
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Fewer than 7 days, I'd eat it. More than 7 days? I'd probably think twice.
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You can eat moldy food, and you can eat bacteria-laden food. I enjoy bleu cheese and yogurt all the time. I even eat tempeh. the thing is, I only eat foods that have been modified by molds and bacteria on purpose.

Compare the cost of the squash with the "cost" of spending unpleasant time hunched over toilet puking, or sitting on the toilet with diarrhea, or just the general disgusting feeling you have when you eat something that makes you ill, wondering if you're going to get sick.
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Most likely safe. Also most likely slimy and gross.
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I think you're borderline. Its probably ok, but I'd give it a through sniff and visual exam then taste a tiny piece.

After 7 days, I'd say it's trash/squirrel food.
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I'd eat it for dinner if it seemed fine, but not keep any leftovers.
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cooked vegetables? i'd give it 3 days. unless it's the most life-changingly, mind-blowingly awesome squash in the universe, then i would roll the dice. but if it were i guess you would have chowed in already.
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heat it up and eat it up! it'll be fine. i won't belabor you with the length of time i've had food in the fridge and then eaten it.
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Most likely it's fine (and I agree, a smell-test or a little nibble will tell) but even if it is still ok to eat, it won't taste as good. It would lose enough of its flavor after a week to be not worth it to me. But if you think it tastes ok, go for it.
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