controlling wifi access by MAC address
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I have a Linksys WRT110 router. Although it has some access controls, I find them difficult to use and counterintuitive, and I say this as someone who has been using computers since the days of the TRS-80. Is there a router out there that will let me limit access times by MAC address of different devices, either by a daily quota or a cutoff time?

I realize my oldest who is 13 will learn to spoof his address and it might not work, but it would be helpful with the other kids and as a gentle reminder to my wife and myself to not stay up late watching bad Australian television on Netflix.

I don't think DDWRT will do this, will it? Thanks.
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Response by poster: p.s. I realize the WRT110 isn't flashable and I'm fine with buying a used WRT54g on ebay or something if it will work.
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I have Tomato installed on my WRT54g. It has a great yet simple UI and has some pretty useful access controls.

Here is a screen shot of the access restriction page.

However, looking at my version of the firmware (1.24) tomato doesn't seem to support access quotas.

Plus, tomato has tons of other features that make it a must have for me personally. I personally love love love static DHCP.
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What you want to do is really easy to set up with an Airport and the Airport Utility on a Mac. Provided you have a Mac and want to spend the money on an Airport.
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Response by poster: The Tomato version of DDWRT looks like it will do most of what I want. I can't afford an Airport, but I do have a mac. Thanks for this useful advice!
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We just got a Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N router that ships with a version of DD-WRT that does this without any trouble at all.
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get yourself an old box a build a firewall. use Smoothwall or ClearOS. Put your current router in access point mode. it's a great solution... and fun too
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Response by poster: @davaal: that is too much work.
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