Wizard needs Gauntlet badly
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[BayAreaFilter]. I want to play Gauntlet. Where should I go to do that?

Okay, so that thread on the blue about marathon Joust has made me really, really want to play old arcade games. And Joust is fine and all, but the one I think I could spend a few good stupid hours on is Gauntlet. I'm in Palo Alto, and will go just about anywhere in bike distance or near Caltrain to get me my Gauntlet on. Where should I go?
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do you just want to play it, or is the physical cabinet important to the experience? mamedev.org can get you there if you wouldn't mind playing at home.
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Response by poster: The physical cabinet is so important. Actually, ideally, like, if I'm dreaming big, what I'm really looking for is a place with both the physical cabinet and a liquor license.
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If you're ever in NYC, there is a bar in Williamsburg called Barcade that has Gauntlet in it.
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Response by poster: I have been to Barcade, I have played Gauntlet there, and I have the t-shirt to prove it. c'mon, bay area, get me some Gauntlet and booze. don't let brooklyn win.
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I would go to The Cocoanut Grove at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for this, but...Pier 39 maybe.
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I'm not positive because they don't list what games they have, but I'm confident you'd have some luck at Nickle City in San Jose. Someone on Yelp confirmed that they have Gauntlet Legends, but that was three years ago.
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I'm ashamed that I spelled Nickel wrong. Ashamed enough that I'm posting about it.
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Unless my memory is corrupted, I played Gauntlet (II?) at Nickel City in San Jose 18 months ago.
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Best answer: I went to Buckshot up in SF a while ago, and I think they had a Gauntlet machine--I'm not sure whether it was working or not, though. They definitely have a liquor license, and the burgers are excellent.
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Just emulate it on your computer. This website deals a bit with how to do emulation on a Mac, just figure out what system you want to emulate (or the arcade, in which you would use M.A.M.E.):

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According to this, there aren't any in California...

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