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Is there a mouse that works like a Wii nunchuck?

For years as a child I dreamed of having a mouse that I could use to play emulators or control sequencers while leaning back in the chair.

I forgot about this dream until the Wii came out, and the nunchuck functions almost exactly as my dream mouse. Is there a usb mouse that functions similarly?

I guess in my imagination you could map the buttons on the mouse to any keyboard controls, like z and x...
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or with a track ball, instead of a tiny joystick. That was what I imagined at 14.
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using a WIRED 360 controller with Pinnacle could meet all of your needs.
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My dad's had a Gyration Air Mouse for years and loves it.
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Some time back I worked on a product like you are describing; which, unfortunately, never made it to market. Maybe I should have gotten a job at Nintendo. :-)
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If you're on a mac, I think you can do this with a real nunchuk and Darwiin, but you have to have the nunchuk plugged into the remote.
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There are presentation remotes like this one, which have a similar form factor to the Wii nunchuck. This one includes cursor control, mouse buttons, and even a useless-for-your-needs but still really fun laser pointer.
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OSCulator has a "mouse mode" setting; the program is Mac OSX only, though.
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I've never used a Wii, but I have a Logitech MX Air for my home theater PC and everyone who sees it thinks it's similar. It takes some time to get used to using it.
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Wii remotes connect with the Wii via bluetooth. Just get a bluetooth adapter for your computer, if it doesn't already have one. There's tons of free software available for PC, Mac, and LInux platforms. Honestly, just Google it.
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I'll try connecting the wiimote via bluetooth, although that airmouse looks pretty cool.
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