what to do during vacation
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I have 3-4 weeks of vacation time left for the reminder of the year. What should I do during that time?

I have 16 days of vacation that I have to use or else I'll lose them. I have another 5 days that I can carry over to next year or I can apply them to this year's vacation (so 3 to 4 weeks of vacation). The days I take off are flexible, although I think my workplace's preference is no more than 2 consecutive weeks but I can probably get around that if needed.

My friend also has a lot of downtime during Nov and Dec and ideally, it'll be great if we can do something together.

Ideally, the activity or activities should have at least two or more of the following elements:

1. If it's volunteering, I would love it to be a project base rather than an event for one day (ex: Taproot vs. 1 day at food bank).

2. If traveling, then strong preference for it be out of the country

3. Activity should be cheap (one of us is a student)

4. Bonus points if it’s something to put on our resume – one of us is in the legal field and the other is in business.

5. Any other activities that are productive – examples of things I’ve done in past that are productive (to me): building a website, inventing a product, helping people with their resumes, etc.

6. We are in San Francisco, although we can drive anywhere around the Bay Area

Thanks in advance!
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Do you have a budget?
posted by Simon_ at 2:59 PM on October 21, 2010

I have 16 days of vacation that I have to use or else I'll lose them.

That's entirely illegal in California.
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Halogen: perhaps vocpanda is has exceeded maximum accrual -- point 5 in your link. Totally legal.
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That still doesn't mean that he'd lose his vaccation time; it would just mean that he wouldn't accrue any more until he uses some of his days. Also, 16 days is ridiculously low for an accrual limit.
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The problem is that I'll have the same problem again next year. Also, even if I carry over only 5 days of PTO, I would exceed the maximum accrual after adding that onto next year's PTO days.
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Simon_, it would be nice to keep it under $2,000 or so but that's not a hard budget.
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Can you work three day weeks for the rest of the year? It wouldn't be EVERY week, but including some holidays, it'd be more of them. Not sure what you could do with them, as I'm not familiar with your area, but maybe you could go hiking/camping? Take trips to Napa?
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er, it'd be MOST of them.
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The whole point of vacation is to stop worrying about being "productive". You're damned lucky to have four weeks, so you might as well go somewhere far like southeast asia where your money will go further anyway. Drink till your liver hurts, smoke something illegal, don't read metafilter, and explore a different life.
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Priceline your way to a hub served by AirAsia, and take it from there.
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How about doing something like WWOOF in New Zealand or Australia or somewhere else where the season will likely be more amenable to farm work? Lodging and meals are free, but there will also likely be a lot of hard physical work. Which can be a nice thing, especially if you spend most of your time sitting at a computer or a desk.
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