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Where can we find awesome posters & prints that are dedicated to public health and social justice themes?

I work for a small non-profit organization that focuses on access to healthcare in underserved communities. We have recently had new carpet installed and the walls of our office have been painted white. We want to bring some color and life to these walls. Thanks!
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If you're not opposed to doing your own design and printing, take a look at the Public Health Image Library hosted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The images are print quality and available free of charge.
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If you are looking for a dose of humor, take a look at the National Library of Medicine online exhibit of vintage public health posters (e.g.). Many of them are available for purchase from various sources.
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There are some good ones here from a cooperative in Pennsylvania.
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Try Zazzle. Their vintage posters are particularly awesome.
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Archie McPhee has some wonderful Indian posters along these themes, including my favorite: Ideal Boy. Since they're coming from Archie McPhee they're meant to be taken as kitschy or cheeky (and they kind of are, with their bright colors and straightforward manner), but I still think that they brighten things up and can match nicely with more sedate or serious ones around them. Plus it's nice to have non-white people :)

Northern Sun has always been a favorite of mine, too, particularly this one :)
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We had this one in the bathroom of my office when I worked in Jakarta. It's certainly colorful enough and I never got tired of the smiling clean-hands crowd in the bottom right. I'm not sure if you can buy it anywhere, but that JPG is big enough to print out.
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Beehive Collective
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They're not particularly health-related, but I'm a huge fan of the "Your Life is Your Life" and "gender" posters from Crimethinc.
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The University of Minnesota has a great archive.
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Immunization: a chance or every child and Immunize and protect your child are two a nice colorful ones from the national library of medicine collection - they also have both in Spanish.
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Try JustSeeds! They're a collective of artists making beautiful posters centered on social justice. I love their "Celebrate People's History" series -- inspiring and educational.
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JustSeeds is the same group I linked to. I should have been clearer.
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For social justice themes, you might check out Donnelly Colt - they're a family-run mail order business that have been printing and mailing this kind of stuff for several decades now.
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