Need a place to hang out in Orlando
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So my brother in Cape Canaveral and I in Tampa are planning to meet in Orlando once a month or so to hang out play an RPG game. Anyone know a good place twhere a small group could get together (some others might join us) that are open till at least 10-11pm? Coffee/tea shops, gaming stores, etc - I'm preferably looking for personal opinions since there is only so much you can get from Google Maps :)
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Cool Stuff Games has several gaming tables. Plus, they sell board and RPG stuff for crazy cheap. Check their schedule - it gets pretty packed on Magic nights. They are open til midnight several nights.

Paladin has nicer, albeit smaller facilities, plus good nearby dining (sushi, Thai, subs). They do not stay open very late - only 10pm Fridays.

Sci-Fi City has a lot of gaming space, but it's not very comfortable and reeks of nerd funk.
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Austin is open 24 hours now, and has some booths. It's tight in there sometimes, and they have musicians on the weekends, but if it's later in the night they could be worth checking out.

They also serve food, including, with no exaggeration, the best donut I've ever eaten.
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