Seeking SimpleNote-Style Offline Tools for Google Docs
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Looking for offline front-end or sync tools for Google Docs that are similar to those for SimpleNotes.

I want to know if anyone is aware of applications for Windows (or cross-platform -- not browser-based) that serve as a front-end for Google Docs. Specifically, I want to address these problems:
  • Poor offline performance in GD. (Can't create new docs if you're offline; offline unstable and plain doesn't work very well.)
  • Poor user interface for moving stuff around and categorizing it
  • Offline backup storage (often encounter glitches that render some GD documents un-findable, even though they're there)
I'm aware of SimpleNote and the fact that it has a lot of offline clients; that's really the model I'm looking for, except with rich text.
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Not as seamless as what you are looking for, but, but could this OpenOffice plugin work for you?

I've used it occasionally for import/export with Google Docs (I've not used it for syncing, although it claims that ability as well).
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Memeo Connect?
Memeo Connect™ for Google Apps is a service that empowers Google Docs. It allows users to upload, sync, edit and share any document on Google Docs, even when you are offline. Memeo utilizes a feature called Memeo GDrive™ which allows you to access these files anytime and from anywhere. The Memeo GDrive looks and acts like a physical drive on your computer and is integrated with your local file system. You can drag and drop files into it and save files to Memeo GDrive directly from within any application. Any files that are added to the Memeo GDrive will automatically appear in Memeo Connect as well as in Google Docs. Best of all Memeo Connect works with the ecosystem of devices that you already use including your Mac or PC desktop, an iPhone or your iPad. Whether you are a business, a business professional or a consumer, Memeo Connect for Google Apps is a great way to extend the power of Google Docs for the ultimate Google Docs experience.
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Thanks, neither is quite what i'm looking for (though I'm sure both are useful to someone). But Memeo got me thinking, so I googled around to see if there were any WebDAV approaches. Found Cyberduck (which doesn't help me on my Windows machine).

Anyway, for the present, plain WebDAV appears to be a bust, but using it to enhance my search terms I found some more stuff I hadn't found before [all of these found here]:

GDocBackup: export all documents from Google Documents to local disk.

OffiSync: integrates Microsoft Office with Google Docs and Google Apps in buzzword-compliant ways.

Nocs: Notepad replacement that saves to Google Docs. Text only and Windows only.

Search continues....
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This is a surprisingly empty space. Thanks again for the folks who answered. There just doesn't seem to be anything approaching the market for SimpleNotes front ends, which I find odd, especially when there's so much room for improvement in the UI.
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