Toronto with kids this weekend
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My wife is traveling to downtown Toronto this weekend with 3 girls aged 8-12. Are there any events or activities on that would appeal? Perhaps Halloween related? Interests include fashion, pop culture, animals. Sunday night is spoken for.
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If they like fashion, a visit to the Bata Shoe Museum might be fun! The Toronto Zoo is really good, albeit a bit of a hike from downtown. Closer to downtown is the Riverdale Farm.
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They could also take a little stroll along Queen St W - if the girls are into this kind of thing, they might be wowed by seeing the MuchMusic building.
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Seconding the shoe museum!
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There is a Zombie Walk going on a Trinity Bellwoods Park. Details here:

As far as Halloween stuff is concerned, is a good place to look (and for what's going on in general really).
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Yes thanks, I should have said the shoe museum & zoo are already on the list
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There's a Dia De Los Muertos craft fair from 2-7 pm at the El Mocambo. You'd be close to Kensington Market, which has funky vintage shops (and neat gift shops like the Good Egg and Blue Banana) and many many many good places to eat.

The weekly NOW and EYE magazines list the events online too, but the papers can be picked up pretty much anywhere.

And, I also recommend the Zombie walk, and there are lots of fun shops on Queen West (and Chippy's!) (noisy link) but I have to say - I like the BATA but don't get the loooove for it. And, quite honestly, the Zoo is well, a zoo, and the animals are very well spaced out (to put it nicely) and it's a lot of walking on chilly day and many of the food vendors are closed at this time of year, and we've done the Halloween thing there and you get is free admission with a costume for kids and a candy bar on the way out, but the "events" for Halloween are for littler kids. For kids that age (and I work with kids older than my daughter of six years, so I'm considering that) I can think of sooo many other things to do downtown. There are so many festivals and readings and ghost walks and such that I can think of ten things we might try this weekend.

In fact, looking at the events and considering what you've written, you might really like the event at the Bell Lightbox (which is great!) listed here:

TIFF FAMILY FUN Drop-in activities for kids five to 12 include a behind-the-scenes look at costumes and makeup. Oct 23 and Oct 24, 10 am-4 pm. Free. TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King W,

But even a walk through the High Park Zoo and a play on the big good playground can be nice, and there's this event for Sunday:

HIGH PARK PUMPKIN FLOAT Carve a pumpkin, light it and set it to sail on the wading pool. 4-6 pm. $2/pumpkin. Colborne Lodge, High Park, 416-392-6916.

OH! And, while it can be hit or miss, my first stop will likely be the CAFTCAD Fall Movie Wardrobe Sale is this weekend, and this year they have a costume exhibit.

Have fun! Eat good things!
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They are particularly interested in sewing & costumes so they are going to check out the costume exhibit mentioned. She also likes the craft fair & family fun suggestions. Thanks to all who responded!
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