My Monitor is Still Drunk
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My netbook screen goes dark and won't 'wake up' every so often. What is going on?

Relatively new netbook (~6 months), Asus EEE PC. Increasingly frequently, my monitor will all of a sudden switch to a dark screen - but not completely off. I can't figure out how to turn the screen back on except by hitting the 'sleep' button, putting it to sleep, and then turning it back on again. After this happens, it's like normal.

I'm worried this is not just some bug but because I spilled red wine into one of the side ports about a month ago (long story). Did I kill my netbook? Is there a way to get my monitor back to normal without having to resort to the sleep-unsleep method?
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Is it going in to Hibernate mode? Hibernate is like Sleep in that it preserves your current session, except it powers off completely instead of staying switched on. Check the Windows power settings (by clicking the battery icon on the taskbar) and see if there's something that's making it Hibernate.
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My Acer Aspite One does this, but only when it's on battery power. Does not like.
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Just to be sure, you're running windows?
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My slightly older Asus netbook does this periodically, usually at some point after I've attached it to an external monitor. I don't know why, I've never been able to figure it out, but it runs fine in every other way, and so far as I remember I've never spilled red wine into it, so I think you're safe on that count.
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On my Ubuntu compaq it does this. Pressing alt-f4 (or maybe f3 or f2, I forget) brings up the login password prompt and from that all is good.
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Yup. ASUS EEE 1005 here and mine does the same thing periodically (1-2x per day). I also do the sleep/unsleep trick to bring it back. I've scoured the web looking for a fix but haven't come up with anything. Mine used to do it more frequently (along with the keyboard freezing up) but after downloading the latest BIOS it's a bit better. You might run the ASUSUpdate tool to make sure you have the latest BIOS, which as far as I'm aware is version 1401. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm running Windows. I'm partially relieved to see that other people are experiencing this as well. I will definitely try the ALT+F2(or F3 or F4) to bring it to the login screen. As long as it isn't indicative of a serious monitor or computer problem, it's really just a temporary annoyance that I can live with.
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