I want my Iain M. Banks audiobook
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How can I get Iain M. Banks novel Surface Detail as an audiobook in the USA?

I can find it through Audible UK, so I know it exists. but it isn't licensed for US, so they won't sell it to me. Audible USA doesn't have it. I'd love the buy the mp3. Failing that, I'd love to acquire the mp3.
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Can you open an account at audible UK? Buy the book, then cancel the account.

I am in Australia & have a UK account. I've considered opening a US account to buy books that aren't available on the UK site
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As above try and sign up for a Audible.co.uk account. Try using one of the plethora of free audio book for new customer deals, Such as this one.
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I tried. I think they check by IP or something. They deny me access.
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Can you not purchase it through this audible page?
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Actually my best answer was posted by a non-subscriber who found my blog page. I don't know how he found what he found, but using his link I was able to purchace the book through audible using my account. Here's his post to my blog.

In reply to your Meta Filter question. Sorry not going to pay $5. http://www.theaudiobookstore.com/science-fiction-fantasy-sci-fi-contemporary/surface-detail-unabridged_bktwuk000320.aspx

This will go around the block they just put on I.M.B books in the US. Sorry this has nothing to do with your blog. I was cranky because they had this book last week and I waited until today to DL it. I did this work around this morning; hope it still works for you. You may have to have an audible account.

Ask Google the right question and you can pretty much find anything if it exists.

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