Help me remember a story!
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It's a science fiction short story, from a collection. The main character finds a weird piece of technology in a store or something and works out that it's a video recording from the future. They watch it and it's a police advisory warning of 'Smoots' who can travel in time. The narrator gets a little freaked but puts a notice in a newspaper seeking 'smoots.. no spoofs'. The tale ends on a Lovecraftian note with a figure in a long coat outside the door. There's a character in the story called 'High Space Dick Hagger' which is what I remembered (because come on, it's awesome). I vaguely think it might be Sheckley... but it's not quite witty enough. Help me metafilter!
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Looks like it's from this Brian Aldiss Omnibus.
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Bingo! Thanks heaps.
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