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I want to create simple quizzes on my website. Teach me, oh MeFi.

I would like to create simple quizzes. You know the stuff: "Are you an expert in personal finance?", "Are you the ideal husband?", etc. Multiple choice questions, with possibility of grading answers (Q1 yes= 5 points, no=0 points, Q2 yes=3 points, etc, etc...).

I need to be able to tell people how they did. "67 points. Sorry, you're not the ideal husband yet. Maybe you should try to buy more flowers.")

I have:
- Dreamweaver
- notions of html

I don't have:
- a lot of info about the PHP and SQL stuff on the server. I don't even know if I need a separate database for every quiz I want to make, or that I can just put some script on the site and it will work.

The easiest solution would be to have some kind of third party testing service that I embed on my site, but I'm not willing to pay for third party software. I'm also not willing to have any third party branding on the quizzes. I'm very willing to plough through this and make these quizzes myself.

Can someone point me to the right software, or the right tutorials? I checked out Survey Monkey already, but it won't allow any reporting to the quiz taker, and it's hard to tweak it to assign grades to questions. And I just know there's some beautiful geek out there who made exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.
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I did this on my personal website for some Greek and Latin quizzes using frames and javascript (to check the answers, and to prevent people from viewing the source in the quiz frame to see the answers on the page). I can round up the code I used and send it to you, if you like. It's not terribly fancy looking, but it's functional, and you don't need to mess with scripting or setting up a database for something this simple.
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You could try Hot Potatoes.
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Do you plan on e-mailing back the responses, or do they need to automatically display? If it's the former, you can make Google Forms grade a multiple choice quiz for you.
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Response by poster: They need to display automatically, jmd82.
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