Speed graphic flash adapter?
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Speed Graphic flash adapter? I'd like to use a modern flash system with an old speed graphic lens - the kind with a two pin flash connection. Google and B&H searches fail me, perhaps because I'm using the wrong terms. Does such an adapter exist?
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Response by poster: A bit more digging reveals that I may have to order a custom cord from Paramount. Other suggestions still welcome!
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The term you're looking for is a Bipost sync cable, and I'll agree that Paramount is your best (if not only) choice.

Also, if you're looking for more info I'd suggest consulting the forums on Graflex.org. They're a wealth of knowledge if you're trying to use old equipment like this.
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Best answer: Depending on the conditions you may not even need a synch cord. Just set the shutter to B and hit the flash after you've pressed the bulb. The f-stop should be set for the flash setting. For 90% of your night "grip and grins" f16 will not register the ambient light for shutter speeds of ~ 1 sec.
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Response by poster: JJ86: You're spot on - I think I can get away with out one. In fact, given what I may actually be better off without syncing. Thanks for the advice!
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