Knit two, stab one
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Looking for horror films that feature death by knitting needle.

I already know about The Crazies and The Graves (the syfy original), but what are some others? Bonus points if someone gets garroted by a circular.
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I think I recall a scene in the original Halloween with a knitting needle neck stab.
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Best answer: Not a horror film, but Goldie Hawn kills a guy in Foul Play with knitting needles...
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Best answer: IMDB actually has "Knitting Needle" as a plot keyword -- they've got 24 items tagged with it. I don't know how accurate or complete that list is, but from that list at least one title (beyond those already mentioned) includes a death by knitting needle, namely Idle Hands ( says "McMacy gets a knitting needle through the head.")
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Best answer: There was a knitting needle involved in an early scene in The Happening.

And now I remember The Happening, which is pretty horrific.
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Best answer: Idle Hands was more of a horror spoof, but there is definitely a knitting needle murder sequence.
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Best answer: I know Ruth Rendell has a novel where someone gets garroted with a circ, and a short story where someone is killed by careful insertion of a very small needle into the back of the head, but sadly I don't think either of them have been made into movies.
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Best answer: If you count television shows--Battlestar Galactica (new version, of course). Starbuck kills Leoben (one of many times) with knitting needles to the neck in the first episode of season three.
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sanka, I think you're remembering a coat hanger in the eye.
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Best answer: Matador has a woman killing a young man by pushing a knitting needle sized hairpin through the base of his neck, into his heart (during sex).
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Classic: "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" ;)
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Jamie Lee attempted it in the first Halloween.
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