Hot Air Balloon ride near NYC?
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Where can I book a hot air balloon ride near New York City?

Asking for a friend: I need to find a reputable company that does hot air balloon trips relatively close to NYC (something like a half-day trip). A location with great views of the fall foliage etc. would be optimal.
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I'm not sure about companies that offer this specifically, but balloons are highly sought after by skydivers. If you give skydive the ranch, skydive sussex, or skys the limit a call they can probably put you in touch with someone.
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There are a few hot air balloon ride "resellers" and other associated ripoff artists, especially around the NYC area. Basically they will take your reservation and a bunch of others, lump them together, and lease a balloon and pilot for your flight. This ends up costing you more money, and you're not actually guaranteed a flight. Try booking with someone who owns and operates. This link should give you more information:

I recommend contacting a hot air balloon club in your area and asking for a recommendation from them.
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I was going to suggest checking with sky's the limit, too, but I found them (for skydiving) just by googling and calling around, so I'd start just by doing that - above the clouds comes up in a search and looks like the sort of thing you want. Just use common sense, and try a few places to get a feel for what you can expect.
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