I want to find that feeling
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What was that video of the sad couple on a road trip?

I recently watched (within a month I'd say) an online vid of a song, was most likely on vimeo or youtube, but I can't find it now, and can't remember who the hecks song it was.

It's not Movie Script Ending by Death Cab, but watching that reminded me of it.

In the vid I'm looking for there're images of the 2 in bed, swimming at a watering hole, driving in a car, etc. Lighting reminds me a bit of Ryan McGinley-type stuff.

I'm pretty sure it was indie pop kind of sound.
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Best answer: Cee Lo Green's cover of Band of Horses "No-one's gonna love you"
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Response by poster: Boom. Thank you bandito.
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Linked video is NSFW (nudity, sex).
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Here's a clean version of the video: Cee Lo Green's 'No-one's gonna love you' Clean. I don't even like videos and that one's very good.
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