need faux diamond plate material
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looking for flexible black plastic diamond tread plate material...

google only turns up industrial-strength material, in huge lots...and all i want to do is re-cover my guitar amp head, so i don't need a lot, and i don't have a lot of $$$ to spend. but it should be flexible (so i can wrap over the edges), durable, with a real raised texture, and hopefully flat black. i've seen some rubbery stair treads (too thick, too small...would need to piece together too many to cover the amp) and i've seen some boot trays with a diamond pattern made out of plastic, but there again i'm afraid that i'll have to do too much piecing together due to the size of the amp. any other ideas ? (prefer to keep shipping within USA) thanks in advance, askme !!!
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I did just see something that sounds like it would suit your needs, at a store in Dartmouth N.S. that mainly sells random remnants of construction material. This was a sheet vinyl flooring with a tread plate pattern, being sold by the metre - maybe search with 'vinyl' to find a U.S. source, or call around flooring stores around you.
Except I think this was a fake aluminum colour - maybe you could spray it flat black?
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Like this or this?

You may also be able to take some rubber car floor mats and cut them to size. You should be able to find those cheap at a Wal-Mart...
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Would this work?
It's just over 1/8 inch thick and would probably stick well with a spray adhesive.

Plastic diamond plate is often used on show-car 4x4s, where they don't need real protection. If you try adding "4x4" or "off road" to your googlings you might have some luck there. But that stuff might be trickier to get around the curves of an amp.
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