Pregnancy Shaving: It's a jungle [down] there!
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Pregnancy Shaving: Running a clean ship when you can't see the deck...

I'm a mere 20 weeks pregnant at this point and already, bending at the waist is a thing of the past. I have made my last pass at a clean shave of the lady bits and know that even in three days, this won't be possible again in the normal fashion. Shaving in other areas isn't a problem: my body hair is blonde and as such, I've never shaved my legs to begin with. It's specifically the pubic region that's the issue here.

Obviously, other ladies have been here before. I'm assuming most of y'all got your partners to assist in the process. As much as I love my partner, I'm not sure I trust him (or anyone) with a razor and my genitalia. Also, that would work great as foreplay, but I'm not sure how it would translate on the practical day-to-every-other-day general maintenance side of things. So, if getting him to do it really is the best solution, I could use some advice on how to get over the initial fear of "ZOMG YOU HAVE A RAZOR."

Any tricks? Mirrors?

Just letting it grow back is, of course, an option, but my partner's preference is for clean-shaven and I would prefer to keep the status quo if at all possible.
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Go with plan B.

There wont be any nookie for a long time after the baby!
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There will be certain changes to your body that your partner will have to accept, this may be one of them. Perhaps he or she would like to pay for you to visit some salon on a weekly basis?
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As a dude, he probably shaves a lot. In fact, there aren't a lot of skills in life that guys get more practice at. He won't hurt you.
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Trim it short. 20 bucks at Target. If you put one of the purple combs on it, you don't even have to look at what you're doing.
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To maintain the status quo, have you considered means other than shaving? Waxing would reduce the frequency of the need to straighten up the deck, as it were, but does require a growing-back period which you or your partner may find objectionable.
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Waxing? Epilator? Electric razor?
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Electric razor. I've had partners use them, they worked well. The period between shaving may need to decrease (if how my face acts after shaving with electric vs. manual is any indication), but electric does work well.
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Beard trimmer! That way, there's no possibility of some kind of horror movie ending. It doesn't keep it completely bald, but very short. And it's quick.
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Beaver Shaver. You won't even have to look while you're shaving. Or let him do it - he can't cut you with this. Just don't let it grow long, because it can only handle 2-3 days length.
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Not nair on your tender lady bits. Please, not nair.

But the salon, that is solid advice. (unless my personal opinion matters. If it does, the two of you made this baby together, and the two of you should both share in the resulting changes. You, my dear, are doing a metric ton of work, and shaving on top of that is just, well, I'm on record here as holding a strong opinion w/r/t shaving)

why yes, today is the day I chose to introduce my mom person to metafilter. Hi. Yes, I talk about my shaving habits here.
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Waxing would solve your problem and keep you fairly bare for a good 2-3 weeks. Of course, it would require a growing-in phase but that's just something your partner will have to get used to, and would anyway if you switched to a beard(-ed clam) trimmer. Waxing would put you in the hands of a professional which might ease your worry about the fate of your ladybits. Also -- if you land your flower in the RIGHT hands of a professional, it might not hurt all that much at all.
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Seriously, jshort has it right. The Beaver Shaver is awesome! Shave one last time, then maintain with the Beaver Shaver. You won't have to look - or your partner can do maintenance for you - completely fear free.
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Not Nair! You are in for a world of hurt if you smear Nair down there.

I'm not the skinniest girl on the block (you can actually bend over and see everything? You've never used a mirror?!), but I've always used a mirror when I've done this. I sit on the edge of the tub, mirror is propped up on the other edge. Honestly, most of the time I can get it done by touch, and then I check to see if I missed anything with the mirror. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it can't be done :)

I can not believe I just shared that here, I know a bunch of you in real life, let's all just pretend you didn't see this.
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beard trimmer. have him do it, especially if it's his preference.
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Wax or let it grow.
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Dude, post-baby, you will be running at a deficit on the money, time and personal niceties fronts... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, spring for a few nice salon Brazilian waxes over the next few months... before all of your money gets tied up in binky futures and before having thirty seconds to yourself to take a whiz is an unfathomable luxury.
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Yeah, even a cheap electric beard trimmer would work well and there'd be no risk of cuts.
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My lady bits have been extra sensitive during my pregnancy, so I don't know if I'd recommend waxing down there, especially if you aren't used to it. I've mostly been going by touch, and at 40 weeks 2 days now (good lord, kid, are you ever coming out?), I haven't been able to see down there for months. Like AlisonM, I also use a mirror to check if I've missed anything.
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I just shave by feel. I actually kind of always did even before I was knocked up (I'm 35 weeks now) so it didn't even occur to me that this is one of those things that gets harder in pregnancy. (UNLIKE leg-shaving and toenail-cutting -- those are just impossible. Or are they? Maybe I'm just not seeing the work-around.)
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I would be worried that an electric shaver would cause itchiness.
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Go for the salon wax AND get regular pedicures from now until the baby comes. Your feet will need the extra TLC, trust me. And by the end your pretty toenails will the only thing that stil makes you feel graceful and presentable.
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Shave by feel. Try it, you'll probably surprise yourself, you've done it a million times before anyway. I managed all the way through pregnancy without any help, and as a bonus when I got to the hospital I didn't have to endure the indignity of a nurse shaving me :)
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As a dude, he probably shaves a lot. In fact, there aren't a lot of skills in life that guys get more practice at. He won't hurt you.

You'd think so, but I've been shaving for a decade and still managed to cut a half-inch slice into my chin the other day which pissed blood for the best part of an hour.

Plus, without the feedback of being able to detect how much pressure he's exerting, accidents seem more likely.

I'd either go for one of those swanky electric razors or just visit a salon. There's no way I'd want to take responsibility for slicing my lover's clunge to ribbons.
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Even though this is meant for us guys I think it would be great for women too .Since men have very sensitive areas to shave also .

the bodygroom by philips rocks. has a screen to shave stuble all over your body and at the edges has a ruglar back and forth type part for longer hair.
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s a bonus when I got to the hospital I didn't have to endure the indignity of a nurse shaving me :)

Pssst, they don't actually do that anymore. Haven't since the 50s. (My mom was an OB nurse and will testify in court that she never shaved a patient.)
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Sonika, they do for a c-section. Not a total shave I'm sure, but the incision is low enough down they do need to shave.
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Ah, well you didn't specify that it was a c-section. I was merely going on the assumption that you were speaking of the fabled "total shave" that they really did used to give women in labor. I stand (or rather, sit) corrected. (But no, nurses don't do a total shave under any circumstances. A shave for a c-section would only be the area of the incision, not the entire bits.)
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Bikini trimmer, definitely, and if you want it shaved around the vulva, squat down in the tub or shower (making sure you're balanced, with a hand-hold or your other half is there to help you up) and, using a Venus, shave around the vulva. Squatting with your knees apart makes everything much easier to access down there.
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You can get a shower mirror -- these typically have a suction for the wall and are coated in some kind of anti-fog stuffs. Then do the rest by feel and then forget about it!
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