Alternatives to Artec/L'Oreal Colorist?
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My favorite color depositing shampoo has been discontinued. What alternatives do I have other than dying my hair every month?

I give my gingery auburn hair a boost of red by using Artec's color depositing shampoo in red clover. Artec discontinued the line and transferred the product over to L'oreal, and the same shampoo was marketed under the L'oreal colorist series. Now it seems like both products are discontinued, and while they're not impossible to find on the internet, they're reeeeally expensive. My searches on google for alternatives to either Artec and L'Oreal are coming up dry. What do you ladies recommend for colored hair?

Note that I'm not interested in drugstore brands that claim to "boost shine" for certain hair colors, like the John Freida lines, as they're just a marketing scam.
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Best answer: Try Aveda.
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Best answer: Seconding the Aveda line, but I found the coordinating conditioner was more effective at depositing color than the shampoo.
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DIY option: add a semi-permanent colour (Manic Panic, Stargazer, and Directions come to mind) to shampoo.
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I do the DIY option with my regular box red haircolor.

While I have regular conditioner in my hair, I make a small handful of Color+Developer, mix it around as well as I can (until the smell kicks in, usually), and apply that to my hair over the conditioner. Leave for a few minutes and rinse out. It seems to work pretty well.

But I redye my hair monthly anyway-- red is hard to maintain.
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I've been using the L'Oreal Colorist conditioner for my red hair, but I also color it every month. I agree that using a color depositing conditioner is more effective than shampoo, and have used the Aveda conditioner before. Goldwell also makes a color depositing mousse that seems pretty effective.
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I'm pleased with my drugstore John Frieda brand, but I have noncolored brunette har, so haven't tried the red.
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Not precisely the product you're after, perhaps, but I also came in here to suggest the Goldwell Colorance. Been a while since I've used it, but it was a great product, and I remember loving the smell.
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Nthing peanut butter milkshake - I do this with my Special Effects red color (think Manic Panic but much better sticking power) and my conditioner. I also don't use any products with Sulfate in my hair.
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So the drugstore stuff really doesn#t work? I have used Toni and Guy Red Brunette and found it OK, but now can't use it as I'm cuttiong back on SLS.
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