Google Latitude is fallible
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How do I tell Google Latitude that my parents' home network has moved location?

My parents moved recently. Whilst visiting them last weekend, I noticed that Google Latitude marked my location as being at their old house (about 100 miles away) - presumably because their data shows my parents' home network as being located there.

Now that they've moved, and brought their network with them, is there any way to get Google Latitude to acknowledge this change in location?
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You will probably have to wait until they do a new survey
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Do you have access to an Android phone? If sending anonymous tracking data is enabled is the phone settings, it will send updated locations of any WiFi networks that it comes across.
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Best answer: This thread in Google forums might help explain things.

I had a similar problem (but not with Google Latitude) when I moved recently. Evidently some companies tie your location with your router's MAC Address and it takes awhile for the databases to update. I had updated my location through Skyhook, although it still took a few weeks.
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Best answer: ... and I actually meant this thread, as there's a response from a Google employee.
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Response by poster: Thanks - that looks like a reasonable solution - I'll give it a go.
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