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Help identifying this Bergans brand jacket?

So, I spent some time in Bergen two years ago, and while I was there, I saw a lot of people my age (high school) wearing Bergans jackets. They were out of my price range then but I'm thinking about buying one online now - there seem to be a few places for me (US American) to buy one.

One time I borrowed a jacket from someone and I wore it to a very windy place and stayed toasty and it was awesome. The fabric was smooth, I think (as in, doesn't make irritating noises when it rubs up against itself) and thick but I don't think it was insulated.

Scandanavians (or maybe just Norwegians, I'm not sure who exactly wears Bergans stuff), what is the really common jacket that tons of people have? Waterproof, versatile, etc. I see a bunch of options on the Bergans site and I'm confused. Soft shell, dermizax, microfiber, bergans element, huh?

Here are some pictures of a jacket that a friend has, I think I want something like that: 1 2

I think this should be something I could answer on my own, but I'm thouroughly confused. Thanks for your help.
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Clarification: I'm looking for a very rainproof, windproof jacket, not so much for skiing as for being in cities and stuff. I would like it to be able to stand up to snow with a fleece underneath but mostly I'd wear it on rainy days.

Is this what I want? Because that price is really good.
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I have a soft shell jacket, but soft shells tend to only be water-resistant rather than water-proof.
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Hmmm. Are there certain keywords I should look for as far as waterproof goes?
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